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What is Web Design?

What is Web Design?

Learn how to design a website in a way that your visitors will return and implement what you want them to do on your web page. A good webdesign is the first thing your visitor sees and a good web design increases the chances of making your visitors stay longer on your site.

Web design is form and, in part, function on a web page. Previously, much of the web design work was done in a photo editing software, but today, a good web designer must not only be able to format, but also needs to program and know HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript as well as any scripting language for the web such as PHP, Python, Ruby or other web language .

As with all design, it is important to have the basics of so-called form and color theory. Good basic design is good basic design regardless of where it is. Therefore, it is important to learn the basics of design learning to improve on web design.

A special thing about web design is that as a web designer you must know how different browsers work, what you can do with modern browsers and what’s not possible in older browsers.

A new thing that not many web designers have embraced yet is how to design web pages for mobile devices that are running on different operating systems. By learning how to customize a webpage for iPhone, iPad and Android, you’ll be well ahead of many other web designers.

Here are some helpful tips for effective Webdesign:

  1. Use Keynote

This is for Macs and can be used to build paid page prototypes. The good news is you don’t have to use Photoshop in order to create rapid prototypes of various web interface elements. They include landing pages, web pages, and call to actions.

That’s because you can use other tools like Keynote, which is the PowerPoint version for Macs. This is an effective tool for building mockups. You can also find a web-based repository that has user interface (UI) design templates. You can use them for prototyping, wireframing, and testing mobile/web apps within Keynote. This is another plus to consider.

  1. Add color after grey

A good option is to design using shades of gray. Then add color afterwards. After using grayscale visual design add images then add color elements. You should add them one at a time. This will help to prevent your website from being over-designed. It will also help highlight the items that require it. It’s important to take steps to design your website effectively but it’s also important to take steps to prevent it from being over-designed.

  1. Hide social media icons

The reason is once you get people to your site the goal should be to boost click-throughs and the amount of time they spend on your site. That in turn will help to boost conversions and sales.  This isn’t to say you shouldn’t use the social media icons. In fact they can be very effective in making your website more visible. However, it’s a good idea to put them in the footer instead.

The main goal of getting people to your landing page is to get them to stay on your site, learn about what you have to offer, and hopefully make a purchase. The goal shouldn’t be to see images and info on Facebook, Twitter, etc. So the goal should be for social platforms to send people to your website instead of the converse happening.

  1. Add web fonts to corporate style guides

Here’s another effective Webdesign you should consider. Your corporate style guide should definitely include web fonts and if doesn’t you should consider adding them. This will provide the same look and feel of corporate documents. It’s important not only to use it but also use it consistently. This will help to produce better results.

  1. Simple navigation

Why would you want to give your visitors fewer options? This can be effective in guiding visitors to your site’s best content in terms of conversions. Make sure you aren’t providing links to every web page on your site. Make navigation simpler.

  1. Get rid of slideshow/carousel

When slideshow/image carousels first started trending it helped to add tons of info on websites’ first pages. However, the problem is people often didn’t stay on the page long enough to see all the messages/tiles.

Another major problem was in many cases the messages/images weren’t related to the first visit of your prospects. So what should people get when they visit your website? Make sure that you promote one thing and that’s generally what your company can do. The rest isn’t important so it’s a good idea to ditch it.

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