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It is a fact that Ardeche is one of the most rural and remote parts of the French country. The place does not have any major highway. It does not have any airports. The place does not have any train stations either. All the place has are buses for public transportation. But it is also a fact that it is one of the most beautiful landscapes in France. For people that would want to get away from the bustles and the hustles of the city, an escape to Ardeche is certainly worth venturing.

The unique beauty of the landscape, the many caves and of course, the gorges are just among the many things that make this side of the country very popular for tourist that are looking for something new than the usual sights and sounds that the experience if they were to visit one of its major cities. This is why if you are planning a holiday that is going to be laid back and away from the city life, Ardeche is a good place to make reservations to.

The natural bridge of Pont d’Arc is most famous in this part of France. To so majestic with this curving hulk that bends over the Ardeche River to which the place has been named after. This is the perfect setting for people that want to experience the fun and the thrill of kayaking and canoeing. There are some places around the area that rent out coning and kayaking equipment. During the peak season, the Vallon Pont d’Arc tends to explodes up to tenfold. So, you do want to time your trip right.

If you want to see what it is like to visit some of the stone villages that the French countryside is known for there is the Saint Montan. There are a number of very charming villages made of stone that can be found littered around the Ardeche area. These are the places that you want to head to if you want to experience medieval streets and seeing and experiencing things the way they used to look like thanks to the restoration effort by the locals to keep these settings as authentic as possible.

For people who are hungry for art and nature, the pace has something to offer in that aspect too. There are the Auberge de Montfleury and Le Gafferot – two fine restaurants that these areas are very much known for. Expect excelled French cooking along with a very warm and friendly staff. There may be a need for you to call ahead to secure a reservation though to make sure that you will have a place waiting for you when you are ushered in.

Add to all that the number of articles that the place offers especially for those people that want to reconnect with nature, Ardeche is truly an interesting setting to visit. Do remember that the place does not have trains and only have buses as a mode of public transportation. So, making sure that you make arrangement to have your personal transport is a good way to truly enjoy the beauty that is unique to this part of France.

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