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Essential Guide to Camping in Southern France: Best Survival Knife Review

Essential Guide to Camping in Southern France: Best Survival Knife Review

The “best survival knife on the market” may not actually suit your needs and requirements and might not end up becoming what you desired. You have to consider some things to find the right blade that suits you. Apart from considering the best survival knife review, below are some other things that you have to take into consideration:

What is the main reason why you are buying the knife? What sorts of activities do you want to perform with it? Do you want it for tasks around the building, camping adventures, heavy chopping, and skinning game or for bushcraft activities? These are all numerous varieties of knives, though some great survival knives can be used to carry out some of these activities effectively, however, according to certified research, we have never found a knife that is great for all them and can effectively and efficiently perform the tasks. So, let us classify them and narrow them down.

Bush crafting

Bush crafting fixed blades ranges from a small to medium sized knife with a size of about 3” – 4” blade and are made with high-grade quality steel that will retain a quality, very sharp edge like D2. These knives also come with a relatively thin drop point blade which increases the ability to make deep and thorough cuts. Endeavor to stay away from anything that comes in serrated form. Below are a couple of great knives that fall in this category:

  • Fallkniven F1
  • Swamp Rat Vex

Outdoor survival

Generally, they can be described as the larger more beefy kind of knives. These outdoor survival knives fall in the range of about 5” blade to 9” inch blade which depends on the volume of chopping activities that you will be doing. They are usually made of 1095 High Carbon or D2 steel. You will desire to have a blade that has nothing less than a complete ¼ inch thick blade and tang. The tang should have a wide length and remain thick throughout the handle. These knives are designed in a way which makes it very much a “tool” as they are a knife and are made to be effective and handy.

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