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10 tips on working with China

10 tips on working with China

Here are ten good tips for you who are thinking about starting to do business with the superpower in Asia:

  1. Show interest in the culture. Read about China’s culture and history to understand Chinese traditions and Chinese ways of thinking.
  2. Be patient.  Keep in mind that it takes a long time in China.
  3. Take the help of others.  Take the help of someone with great experience of doing business in China yourself. See more…
  4. Choose your partner with care – be it import or export business. Visit the partner and get to know the conditions on site.
  5. Build relationships. Chinese business culture is a lot about relationships. Travel to China, meet prospective business partners and build personal relationships with those you are going to do business with.
  6. Be tough. Chinese businessmen are grinded. Be humble but at the same time tough at the shops, otherwise you will not be able to get anywhere.
  7. Verify. Make sure your Chinese supplier repeats and verifies what you ordered to ensure they understood correctly.
  8. Learn Chinese. Please read some phrases in Chinese. It reduces the distance to your business contacts and shows you are interested in the country.
  9. Concentrate the stores. Consider China as a continent – not as a country. Concentrate your business to a part of the country.
  10. Believe in China. Despite bureaucracy and the risk of piracy, China offers great opportunities.

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If perchance, you are one of those merchants that are looking out for means to get products at a cheap rate, it is advised that you give importing from China a thought, as you will be offered quality products and at the same, it will save you lots of money. China source and supply can provide you with a solution that can be personalized in order to suit your business.

Below you will find how it is done, detailed step by step.

  1. The quotes on your merchandise will be arranged from qualifies suppliers with a great history of both deliverability and quality. This ensures that both parties are on the same page and they have good understandings of your requirements. This step being the first step is without a doubt crucial and suppliers that are qualified with a history of importing will assist in speeding up your process.
  2. A list will be created that contain the details of your presentation and your packing that will meet your desired requirements. Any graphics or drawing that needs to be included in the list when sourcing for products from China
  3. Being aware and knowing the requirements of your branding. It is advised that you invest some tie and money on your artwork, just so that you can get the packaging and the branding right. You will discover that this will go a long way and it will be worth the investment as it will add value to what you will be offering
  4. It is required that you do some research on the safety standards required and ensure that all the certifications are at arm’s length if they are necessary. We will most definitely be of assistance to guide you n this process.
  5. It is recommended that you look out for what each supplier demands in the way of minimum orders, the majority of the suppliers have these. Suppliers get to make their profit in this area and it is where you also get to save money.
  6. Ensuring that the suppliers have a knowledge of the date that you want the products and be sure that they meet with this date.
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